Aerated Foam Cubes

Aerated Foam CubesTM

Empty with aerator hose
Packed with EnviroPacs

Council Lake and Pond Management Plans

Maintaining lake and pond water quality in summer using naturally available resources by boosting naturally occurring bacteria and microbes to maintain water clarity is a non-chemical option. This environmentally friendly compact portable water treatment system can be carried in one hand. Although small and easy to handle, each cube provides a massive biological surface area of around 15,000 square metres (US 18,000 sq.yards) when loaded with two large Enviropacs TM. 

Strategically placed AERATED FOAM CUBES can form part of a Council Pond and Lake Management Plan for most public open waters. They are submerged, so there is no visual impact on the environment.

AERATED FOAM CUBES are lined on all sides with thick open cell aquarium foam for a  further huge increase in total biological surface area and to permit unrestricted water flow through the cube. When connected to an air pump, bubbles from the inner foam base displace water as they rise, providing oxygen to establish large colonies of microbes and beneficial bacteria on all surfaces. These expanding air bubbles create a natural water flow into and out of the cube, carrying with it water clearing enzymes.

About this system

Installing a number of EnviroPacsTM in foam lined AERATED FOAM CUBES submerged and aerated from below provides many extra benefits for biological water treatments and may also be used in large ornamental fish ponds, zoo water exhibits, fish prawn or shrimp farms or golf course water features.


  1. This compact system requires little space
  2. Concentrates biological activity
  3. Aeration accelerates growth of microbes and beneficial bacterial colonies
  4. Re-usable aquarium sponge system further increases biological surface area
  5. Sponges, if kept wet when reloading, re-seed future colonies
  6. Multiple cubes may be used to target trouble spots
  7. Promotes natural circulation of water clearing enzymes
  8. Tethered to shore and easily recoverable for maintenance and re-dosing


When fully loaded with two large EnviroPacsTM AERATED FOAM CUBES provide a huge biological surface area of about 15,000 square metres (U.S 18,000 sq. yards) to maximise results. Aeration pumps are supplied separately or may be locally sourced. Colours of the cubes and foam may vary according to availability.

Instructions for restocking cubes


Replace EnviroPacsTM every 5 months. Discard the bio-degraded calico packaging and granular residues directly into the lake or pond as they are still active and continue to work in the bottom muck or sludge layer.

Keep sponges wet and out of direct sunlight when servicing or re-stocking cubes.

Ring sponges or gently squeeze out on a flat surface using a short piece of plastic reticulation pipe as a roller. Then hose only with fresh water as some microbes and beneficial bacteria will remain to quickly re-seed replacement EnviroPacsTM.

Re-assemble the sponges in the cube with the four sides first. Then fit the internal bottom sponge to hold the sides in place.

Next place the coiled black aerator hose on the bottom with the air inlet nozzle projecting outside through a corner of a side sponge.

Then cover the aerator with a second internal bottom sponge to collect granular residues and disperse air internally throughout the cube.

Add 2 x 2kg (US 2 X 4lb 7oz) EnviroPacsTM then cover with the top internal sponge. Use straps to retain the contents.

Re-connect the external air pump and tether line, then submerge the cube about 30cm (U.S 12 inches) below the surface in problem areas. Multiple cubes may be stacked to maximize biological activity in council lakes or fish prawn or shrimp farms.


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