Large Floating Pails

The unique LARGE FLOATING PAIL SYSTEM is ready to launch in a council lake, golf course water feature or a fish prawn or shrimp farm to naturally improve water quality for fish, birds, tortoise and other wild life.  This supplements other natural treatments where planting additional reed beds is impractical due to size limitations or water depth.

LARGE FLOATING PAILS should be tethered to the windward shore or anchored in shallow water away from the edge.  In large ponds, multiple PAILS may be positioned evenly from both sides with optional non-floating line to minimize the visual impact on the environment and for easy recovery, inspection and reloading. For best results the maximum load of Enviropacs TM for each PAIL is 2 X 2 kg (US 4lb 7oz). 

Enviropacs TM calico outer packaging is designed to bio-degrade completely so the granular contents finish up on the bottom of the lake where still active microbes and beneficial bacteria reduce rotting debris and unpleasant smells from the sludge layer. Re-use the green polymesh  where possible and keep it wet when re-loading to quickly re-seed further doses.

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