How it Works

Large Enviropacs TM may be floated or placed on the bottom near incoming water flows
Large Enviropacs TM may be floated from the original container or placed on the bottom near incoming water flows. They may also be suspended beneath polystyrene ball floats in public lakes
Optional floating plastic cage may be anchored to the bottom in problem areas
Optional floating plastic cage may be anchored to the bottom in problem areas

INTRODUCTION    For the technically minded,  EnviroPacs TM are granular nutritional substrates blended from natural materials that maximize growth of large colonies of beneficial bacterial and microbes to reduce levels of ammonia, consume floating organic matter and keep the water clean without chemicals. These colonies produce enzymes that restore the natural balance in aquariums, ponds, dams and lakes. There is no need to add cultured bacteria from outside sources as we can obtain good results from indigenous microbes already adapted to local conditions.

DELIVERY METHODS    Our unique delivery and aeration systems allow these products to be positioned where needed within the water column to grow different species of water clearing beneficial bacteria and microbes.  The unique FLOATING PAIL SYSTEM may be used to position the products in aerated surface water or mid water thermocline layers where there is substantial biological activity. Alternatively Enviropacs TM  may be placed on the bottom in the benthic zone to encourage microbial activity that will reduce sludge and restrict entry of unwanted nutrients to the main water body.

COMPOSITION    The unique blend of micro porous zeolite, nutrients, and other minerals provides enormous internal surface areas for biological growth. Ammonium and essential trace elements adsorbed by the substrate from surrounding water provide on-going nutrients for effective long term treatments of up to 5 months without frequent re-dosing. Optional aeration from fountains or waterfalls boosts the performance of these portable systems.

SAFETY PROFILE    We use a blend of naturally occurring minerals, clays and sands as media for our granular substrates also used by Government Water Authorities in fixed filters to purify drinking water. When floated with nutrients they act as portable bio-filters. They are NON-TOXIC and safe to handle and apply. The granular contents are NON-FLAMMABLE for storage and transport.

VARIOUS APPLICATIONS    EnviroPacs TM  naturally clean water in aquariums, goldfish fish ponds, koi ponds, garden ponds, dams, lakes, fish farms, shrimp farms or prawn farms.  In large lakes, ponds and dams they may be floated, used in submerged aeration systems, above ground trickle filters or thrown directly into the sludge layer to boost the water cleaning capacity of the original ecosystem.  The unique FLOATING PAIL SYSTEM converts the original plastic container to a float. One or two units may be suspended from the handle in aerated surface water, anchored or tethered to the windward side of a pond or lake. In aquariums or fish ponds they may be placed in bio-filters near internal foam or ceramic media, buried in aquarium gravel near an air stone or suspended from the sides in the returning water flow.

TIME SCALE    It takes about 4 to 6 weeks to fully establish colonies of microbes and beneficial bacteria but results are ongoing with cleaner water, healthier fish and less water changes.  We recommend replacement after 3 months for best results with all residues discarded on the bottom. Large Enviropacs TM may be left for around 5 months in large ponds, lakes and dams depending on the amount of pollution entering the water. Discard any residues into the water as they continue to be active in the sludge layer reducing unpleasant smells and debris.