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Home aquariums are fun

Aquarium in livingroom
A sparkling aquarium in a living area always attracts attention


Keeping fish is an enjoyable and relaxing hobby.  Your aquarium should have an efficient filtration system with a biological filter to establish colonies of microbes and beneficial bacteria that remove TOXIC ammonia and consume fish wastes or food residues from over feeding. Using Enviropacs TM in your filter boosts performance, cuts maintenance and the number of water changes needed to keep your water sparkling clean and reduce fish mortality.

Aeration is also important, so include an air pump and place an air stone on the bottom of the tank away from the filter. Use a heater in fresh water aquariums with a thermometer on the opposite wall and wait a day or two before adding fish. Your choice of gravel will depend on the fish you select as some bottom feeders may be injured if the gravel is too course.

Once you add plants and decorations, your new hobby will come to life.  Remember, top up water must be free of chlorine and initially left to cycle in the tank for at least a week before adding a small number of hardy fish. The wastes establish colonies of microbes and beneficial bacteria in the filter foam, ceramics and throughout the tank essential for healthy fish and other marine pets.

Fix green water problems, cloudy water problems or green algae problems in most aquariums and fish tanks with regular water changes to reduce levels of nitrate and other nutrients. Partial water changes around 10 to 15% maintain existing biological activity and add sparkle to your water.

Remove algae from aquarium glass and acrylic fish tanks with an algae scraper or magnetic cleaner. Immediately siphon out residues that fall to the bottom. Some algae grows in healthy aquariums but may be controlled by limiting the lighting to 10 hours per day, using reverse osmosis or filtered tap water for top ups and being careful not to over feed your pets.

Use Enviropacs TM regularly. Place one in the filter near the foam or on top of internal filter media and ceramics or bury one in aquarium gravel at the rear of the tank near an air stone. These act as portable bio-filters to further boost colonies of beneficial bacteria and microbes that keep the water clean. They treat the water for around 3 months and make a big difference when you add extra fish or go on holidays to avoid problems from accidental overfeeding or less frequent water changes.