Enviropacs in Action

Enviropacs TM in lakes, ponds and dams are easy to apply, recover and recharge.


Floating Enviropacs TM in aerated surface water of ponds, lakes and dams is a simple and environmentally friendly way to naturally clean up cloudy or murky water without chemicals. They are effective where planting additional reed beds is impractical due to visual considerations.9

The LARGE FLOATING PAIL supplied may be used to suspend either one or two large 2kg (US4lb7oz) Enviropacs TM tethered to a windward shore. Just reel it in when you want to recharge it.  Or you can use polystyrene ball floats anchored in deeper water in public lakes for better security.  Enviropacs TM absorb ammonia from the surrounding water and other essential nutrients to grow large colonies of beneficial bacteria and microbes that excrete enzymes to clean cloudy or murky water.

Large Enviropacs TM have a huge internal surface area of around 7,500 square metres (US 9,000 square yards) to grow vast colonies of naturally occurring beneficial bacteria and microbes that are adapted to local conditions. We do not need to import bacteria from other sources. In aerated surface water, typical colonies include aerobic nitrifying bacteria as well as ammonia oxidizing archaea and water purifying organisms often found naturally on aquatic vegetation.

When placed on the bottom in oxygen depleted water, a different anaerobic species of archaea microbes and bacteria colonize the granules that help reduce muck and unpleasant smells.

The granules are NON TOXIC and are a unique blend of zeolite, minerals and nutrients in 100% BIO-DEGRADABLE calico packaging.

Naturally clean cloudy or murky water

These unique portable floating treatments are ideal for council lakes, zoos and fish farms as they keep water features looking good in summer.  Once established, Enviropacs TM are colonised by microbes that excrete enzymes that consume fish, bird or animal wastes. They also counter the effects of excess bottom nutrients from rotting leaves, debris and fertilizer runoffs often responsible for unpleasant smells. The contents start off as loose white granules, but after 4 to 6 weeks transform to a thick brown cake with a distinctive swampy odour, indicating biological activity is taking place.

Treatments in warm climates last around 5 months, then the LARGE FLOATING PAIL or polystyrene ball floats should be recharged and any residues discarded on the bottom of the lake or pond. They work best in summer when higher water temperatures stimulate biological activity. We recommend at least four (4) large Enviropacs TM per 500,000 litres to solve an existing problem in an enclosed lake or pond then two (2) per 500,000 litres for maintenance. For additional security in public lakes, councils may float them in deeper water beneath 200 mm (U.S. 8 inch) or 250 mm (US 10 inch) round polystyrene ball floats anchored to the bottom.

Remove existing green string algae manually in aquariums and fish ponds or floating near the sides of lakes and dams. We do not recommend using algicides or herbicides for a quick fix. Fish and crustaceans are sensitive to chemical treatments or sudden large quantities of dead algae and rotting vegetation that lower levels of dissolved oxygen.

LARGE FLOATING PAIL SYSTEM fully loaded with 2 X 2kg (US 4lb7oz) Enviropacs TM

Large Floating Pails attract fish and improve the water quality of lakes and ponds.
LARGE FLOATING PAILS with Enviropacs TM attract fish and improve water quality of lakes, ponds and dams.
Easy to Use - Large Floating Pail and load tethered to shore
Easy to Use – LARGE FLOATING PAILS may be tethered to a windward shore in private dams or anchored beneath polystyrene ball floats in public lakes
Floating Enviropacs TM secured on shore