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Aquarium Biological Filter Boosters & Media

Start up aquariums, fish prawn or shrimp farms, zoo water feature exhibits and ornamental lakes require established biological activity before adding fish or other marine life. The natural process is called cycling. Naturally occurring beneficial bacteria and microbes will develop in time on filtration media, aquarium gravel, decorations, rocks and most other wet surfaces in the presence of ammonia.

Enviropacs TM are portable bio-filters with a huge surface area and nutrients to enhance this natural process. They may be used alone or as boosters to increase the performance of existing equipment.

The time taken to develop large colonies of beneficial bacteria and microbes depends on water temperatures, water chemistry, available nutrients and the total surface area available for  growth. Once established these microbes play an important role in keeping all bodies of water in good condition from small home aquariums to large ponds, lakes and dams. The more the better to counter pollution, fertilizer run-off and rotting leaves and debris in outdoor areas.

For freshwater and tropical aquariums increasing biological activity makes them easier to care for with cleaner water, less water changes and healthier fish and marine life.  Enviropacs TM may be added to existing bio-filters or buried in aquarium gravel at the rear of the tank. Biological filter boosters or enhancers are available in different forms –

  1.   BIO-MEDIA placed in aerated water to encourage naturally occurring beneficial bacteria and microbes by increasing surface area using specially shaped balls, foams, rings or shapes
  2.   PRE-CULTURED BENEFICIAL BACTERIA from other sources. These are often grown on barley straw requiring weekly or monthly doses.

Enviropacs TM are Bio-media type portable bio-filters or boosters but they also contain and attract nutrients. The granular substrate in a 100% bio-degradable calico bag has a huge internal surface area protected from sunlight. These nutrients encourage large colonies of naturally occurring microbes and beneficial bacteria to achieve a high standard of water quality once the system is established.

They are a compact way to sometimes double available surface area for biological growth in ponds and aquariums. Treatments last around 3 months. Outdoor applications work best as water temperatures rise in summer or year round in warm water tropical locations. Ideal for home aquariums, garden ponds, council lakes and gardens, golf course lake water treatments, zoos and fish farms as they clean water naturally without the frequent addition of harsh chemicals.

Suitable for Zoo water exhibits

Zoo water exhibits have more public appeal with clean water due to a reduction of dissolved organic material from decaying weed, animal wastes and food scraps that are a common problem. Enviropacs TM natural water treatments improve outcomes and reduce the frequency of substantial water changes.

Beneficial microbes and bacteria tend to compete with pathogenic strains as well as keeping the water clear and eliminating wastes. There is no release of chemicals into surrounding water as biological growth takes place on and within the granules.

The secret of success with Enviropacs TM is the huge internal surface area in relation to their compact physical size due to the micro porous granules used. They also remove ammonia and trace elements as ongoing nutrient sources from surrounding water to stimulate internal biological activity and extend treatments to around 5 months in most applications. The calico or jute bag is 100% biodegradable and the contents are NON TOXIC.

These natural water treatments may be used in a wide variety of exhibits or to boost the performance of existing filtration equipment and bio-filters.



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