Floating Plastic Cages

Floating Plastic Cages

P1030370An effective low cost way to suspend EnviroPacsTM near aeration fountains in council lakes, golf club water hazards, farm dams and architectural water features.

Suspended beneath a polystyrene float, these readily available PLASTIC CAGES last for years and are easily serviced with minimal visual impact on the environment. The cage also supports colonies of microbes and beneficial bacteria and if kept wet during re-charging will help quickly re-seed future colonies. Cages are supplied in different colours according to availability.

Easy to Use

P1030338Place one of the large 2kg (US4lb 7oz) EnviroPacsTM on its side around the bottom of the PLASTIC CAGE and suspend beneath a 200 mm (US 8 inch) polystyrene ball float.

Anchor to the bottom with a suitable weight or tether to a windward shore preferably near an aeration fountain, incoming stream or waterfall for maximum distribution of water clearing enzymes. FLOATING PLASTIC CAGES are durable and re-usable. Multiple units may be tethered to opposite shores with optional non-floating line to minimize visual impact on the environment and for ease of recovery when re-charging.

The PLASTIC CAGES further increase biological surface area and support colonies.


Recommended every 3 months. Brush the outside of the cage to keep the water inlet holes clear and after 5 months replace the contents with fresh EnviroPacsTM   

Discard the old granular residues into the lake where still active microbes and beneficial bacteria colonies may reduce odours and bottom sludge.

Do not hose down, and keep the PLASTIC CAGE wet during service to quickly re-seed further doses.

Ready to use cages are supplied with on-line orders. Polystyrene floats are not included.

Additional plastic burley cages or polystyrene floats to suspend EnviroPacsTM are available in most countries from fishing tackle suppliers.