Natural water treatments for ponds, aquariums, golf course water features, zoos, dams, lakes, fish or prawn farms & most cloudy water problems


Enviropacs TM are a new environmentally friendly way to naturally clean murky or cloudy water. They are extremely portable and compact containing a special blend of agricultural minerals, filter sand and nutrient as granules in bio-degradable calico packaging. When immersed, they attract ammonia and trace elements from surrounding water to grow large colonies of naturally occurring microbes and beneficial bacteria. These produce enzymes that consume fish and animal wastes, floating organic matter and reduce ammonia that is toxic to fish and other marine organisms.

Depending on where they are positioned in the water column, the granules support different species of beneficial bacteria and microbes to play an important part in keeping your water clean. They may be floated in warm aerated surface water as portable biological filters or placed on the bottom to reduce the build up of muck and unpleasant sulfur smells that discourage bird life.

Easy to use

OUTDOORS simply float  EnviropacsTM  in oxygenated surface water near a fountain, waterfall or an incoming water stream of backyard ponds, lakes and dams. In problem areas near pump pick-ups or where floating debris accumulates, place some directly in the bottom sludge at the waters edge. Best results are obtained when water temperatures rise in summer or in warm tropical locations to avoid the frequent addition of chemicals or dumping water in fish farms to maintain clarity.

IN AQUARIUMS place one of the small Enviropacs TM in the filter next to  the foam or on top of internal filter stones and ceramics. You can also bury one in aquarium gravel at the rear of the tank near an air stone. Treats cloudy or murky water in aquariums and fish tanks by boosting colonies of ammonia oxidizing microbes and nitrifying bacteria to reduce toxic ammonia and consume organic wastes without chemicals.

Huge internal surface areaenviro-pacs-product

EnviroPacsTM contain a unique granular blend of micro-porous zeolite, minerals and nutrients to grow large colonies of beneficial bacteria and microbes in a small space. They produce enzymes to keep your water clear. Developing colonies are protected from ultra violet light within the granules, an important factor to maximize biological growth. Success of these natural water treatments is governed by the total surface area available for biological growth and the available nutrients included or attracted from surrounding water.

Compatible with all fountains and aeration systems.

Biodegradable packaging

biodegradableThe 100% natural calico packaging contains loose granules that are easily shaped to bury in aquarium gravel, add to bio-filters, place in the shallows in ponds and dams or float in aerated surface water from the PAILS supplied. The rate calico bio-degrades is a measure of biological activity used by Government Agricultural Departments in soils.

We also use this in aquatic environments by inspecting Enviropacs TM during treatment. If working effectively, the calico packaging biodegrades completely in 3 to 5 months and the contents transform from loose white granules to a thick brown cake indicating biological activity has occurred. 

Unique pail floating system TM floating-pail

Enviropacs TM are supplied in PLASTIC PAILS that may be used as FLOATS. There are two sizes depending on the volume of water being treated. Recoverable green polymesh is included to suspend one or two units about 30cm (US 12 inches) below the aerated surface water of ponds, lakes and dams. A tether line is supplied to secure the float to shore or anchor to the bottom away from the waters edge.

STANDARD Enviropacs TM are an ideal natural water treatment for backyard ponds, fountains and waterfalls. Replace every 3 months for best results.

LARGE Enviropacs TM have a huge internal surface area for biological growth and may be floated in large ponds,  lakes, dams or fish farms.  Replace every 5 months. They are portable to supplement reed beds where further planting is impractical or sand filtration and other natural treatments. Position them in problem areas near fountains, waterfalls or incoming water streams to maximize results.

Suitable for fresh or saltwater aquariumaquariums

A 2011 Canadian Study [Aquarium Nitrification Revisited by Laura A Sauder et al] found thaumarchaeota microbes that consume ammonia directly are the dominant ammonia oxidisers in freshwater aquarium biofilters. EnviropacsTM encourage colonies of microbes and nitrifying bacteria that maximise ammonium removal in aquariums or fish tanks and clear cloudy water.

Less aquarium and pond water changes

Different colorful koi fishes swimming in aquarium
High fish density in a large aquarium or pond can quickly boost ammonia levels

In you have a busy life style,  Enviropacs TM will save time and effort and reduce fish mortality when you go on holidays. Simply bury one or two small EnviropacsTM in gravel at the rear of the tank near an air stone or place one inside your bio-filter near foam or on top of internal filter stones. This often doubles the  biological surface area  of your home aquarium and boosts the performance of existing equipment to remove toxic ammonia from fish wastes, overfeeding or dying plants. To activate, first rinse in a small quantity of discarded aquarium water and replace every 3 months.



May be used in large lakes and damslakes

Boosting natural  biological activity long term can make a big difference to water quality. Float two (2) large EnviropacsTM  beneath each FLOATING PAIL tied to the handle in the green polymesh supplied and tether to shore against prevailing winds. In large lakes or problem areas, a number of units may be placed at 10 metre (US 11 yard) intervals on one line either anchored or tethered to opposite shores.

Fountains, aerators or waterfalls boost performance by increasing circulation and distribution of water clearing enzymes. To avoid tampering in public open water or council lakes, Enviropacs TM may be suspended below polystyrene ball floats and anchored in deeper water. Replace after 5 months and discard the residues on the bottom in the sludge layer.

Safe to handleP1030436

The 100% natural calico packaging and careful selection of granular ingredients ensures there is no release of dust during normal handling and no release of chemicals into surrounding water when applied according to directions.

The granular contents of   EnviropacsTM  are NON-TOXIC and NON-FLAMMABLE and may be safely sent by post worldwide.

Long shelf life

They only become active when damp or immersed in water and will store for years if kept dry in original packaging.

Available in different sizes

      EnviropacsTM :  STANDARD 100g (US 3.5 oz)

Supplied in packs of 5 in a small floating pail to treat garden ponds and aquariums. Each has an enormous internal micro-porous surface area of around 375 square metres (US 450 sq. yards) to get results. Initially, suspend two or three Enviropacs TM from the handle of the small pail to first establish colonies of beneficial bacteria and microbes, then float two for maintenance every 3 months

      EnviropacsTM :  LARGE 2kg (US 4lb 7oz)

Supplied in packs of 2 with a large floating pail, expanded polymesh and tether line for lakes, dams and fish farms. Each unit has a biological surface area around 7500 square metres (US 9000 sq. yards). Replace every  5 months. Float them or placed them on the bottom near an incoming water stream. Suitable for re-circulating trickle filters to concentrate the benefits of biological treatment through a centralized distribution system.

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